What is the Lonsdale Quay?

The Lonsdale Quay is the cultural center of the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver.

Long before the Seabus existed or even the Lions Gate Bridge was built, the space at the Lonsdale Quay was used to build war ships and then eventually a ferry that could take cars back and forth to downtown Vancouver was operated there.

It has always been a point of importance and cultural relevance for the community of North Vancouver in war times and beyond.

Lower Lonsdale is the oldest neighbourhood on the North Shore, and the entrance is of course the Lonsdale Quay.

By operating this website and publishing content we hope to do the following as a result:

  1. Reclaim the Lonsdale Quay as a cultural center separate from the Marketplace and Seabus.
  2. Ensure that all local stakeholders can promote themselves easily on our website platform.
  3. Highlight the Lonsdale Quay to Canadians and international visitors from around the world.

As the University of British Columbia states in their report on the Lonsdale Quay area of the North Shore:

“With the increased residential development seen in Lower Lonsdale and nearby neighbourhoods, the importance of a ‘Cultural Center’ becomes more important. Lonsdale Quay stands as the primary social meeting place in the area, made popular by a diverse marketplace and its close proximity to the SeaBus terminal.”

Living and raising a family on the North Shore or as a young professional, it is certain that you will use the Lonsdale Quay transportation exchange from time to time to get to and from work or appointments downtown Vancouver.

And as a business owner you will want to keep en eye on this website we are building as many thousands of people go online to use Google.com or similar to find businesses and services nearby the Lonsdale Quay, and we will ensure that they get the best quality relevant content that they need.

On the coat tails of publishing well written original content, is the network effect of local people living in and around the Lonsdale Quay or using the area for commuting, which is of course of value to local business owners, realtors, and similar.

If we want to really establish the Lonsdale Quay as a unique cultural center we will have to work together to be welcoming and inviting to the area while encouraging a community approach to content marketing and sharing of said content.

As a member of the community we welcome you to get in contact if you have a local business or service to promote, a photo to share, or a note worthy story or current events information to highlight within the community.

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