Quick Facts about the Lonsdale Quay

The North Shore of Vancouver allows you to be able to access Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and beyond

Living nearby allows for easy commuting to downtown Vancouver for work or leisure

The Seabus takes about 12 minutes to do a crossing to Waterfront Centre

Seabuses run every 10 minutes during peak rush hour periods of the day

Lower Lonsdale has the 5th most dense city centre across all of Canada

The local economy around Lonsdale Quay is growing exponentially year over year

The cost of living nearby is lower then comparable housing downtown Vancouver

Accessibility for sports and recreation is some of the best anywhere on earth

North Vancouver has many public pieces of art and outstanding parks

The quality of life and local amenities are truly world class and inclusive of everyone

There is a surprising amount of affordable rental housing and apartments nearby

Lonsdale Avenue is the roadway that runs from Lower Lonsdale waterfront North to Upper Lonsdale across the Trans Canada Highway 1

There are Colleges and Universities within walking distance of the Lonsdale Quay Seabus Terminal

The recently opened outdoor waterpark and commons area at The Shipyards is outstanding

For the most part the area is very dog, pet and animal friendly with plenty of parks

Lonsdale Quay is easily accessible on wheelchair or other assisted mobility items

Nearby there are amazing co-working office spaces and board rooms available for rent day to day

You can park your car share or ride share vehicle nearby at a number of businesses in the area

Walking tours are available on the Lonsdale Pier waterfront called Burrard Dry Dock Pier

There are a number of craft beer micro breweries and distilleries in the neighbourhood

If you like vegan food there are a number of eateries and places to get smoothies and fresh juices

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